About VDS

Our mission

Since 1997, VDS has been providing automation and content design tools for the broadcast, cable television, internet, and post production markets.

We are committed to providing our customers with innovative software products that provide optimal performance, reliability and on-air quality. We are committed to supporting our customers from initial product conception through the life of the product.

VDS products offer automated control of broadcast television systems, with an emphasis on graphics-related operations, content Video Design Softwaredistribution and automation, and internet-to-video and video-to-internet systems.

These products are used in fully automated sports, news and financial graphics channels as well as the automated management of digital assets and the automated generation of promos in multichannel broadcast or cable facilities.

VDS Social Media tools include Watercooler for the automation of Social Media messages in sync with automation playback, and Soapbox for the display of Social Media messages in a graphical format on air.

VDS content creation products help broadcast and post-production artists create eye-catching visual effects and apply cutting edge image processing algorithms to still graphics and moving footage. VDS’s content creation toolset includes imaging/FX and media import/export plug-ins for editing/compositing systems, and an advanced paint system for broadcast graphics

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