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Advanced Advertising Made Simple with Automated Social Media

by Larry Mincer on Monday, May 16, 2011 3:04 PM


With Watercooler, VDS’s system for sending automated social media messages that are in sync with content playout, broadcasters can now offer advanced advertising.

Broadcast Branding Still On Top

by Larry Mincer on Wednesday, May 11, 2011 1:07 PM


From neuromarketing on twitter:

Watercooler Modes of Operation - Automated Social TV

by Larry Mincer on Tuesday, May 10, 2011 1:09 PM

Watercooler has three modes of operation for automating social media messages:

Sports Graphics - Success in Automating

by Larry Mincer on Tuesday, May 3, 2011 1:11 PM

Creating and implementing systems for the automated display of sports data can be a daunting task. There are a host of issues and components for automated sports graphics that need to be considered; from the type of graphics that will be shown to the interaction with on-air talent, operators, facility automation systems and other gear.

Broadcast Graphics Automation in Master Control

by Larry Mincer on Friday, March 11, 2011 1:15 PM

For broadcasters and content providers, Automated Graphics in Master Control may provide the most immediate revenue increase with streamlined operations that can easily eliminate hours of repetitive work preparing and editing bumpers breaks and promos.

Learn about Watercooler - Automated Social Media for TV

by Larry Mincer on Friday, March 11, 2011 1:13 PM

We are very happy to let everyone know about Watercooler, the first rules-based automated social media tool for television.