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VDS NAB 2013 - Streaming, Graphics Automation, Content Creation

by Larry on Thursday, March 28, 2013 2:21 PM

    NAB 2013 Preview:


    The primary purpose or Streamliner is for sending triggers downstream to a streaming encoder or Ad decision system for on-the-fly content or advertisement replacements in the streaming output.

    • Recent deployment – Fox News Channel, Fox Business Network.
    • Generates real-time standard or customer defined SCTE104/35 compliant messages for embedding into the VANC via an Evertz card.
    • SCTE104/35 messages can be received by a streaming encoder/slicer, such as UpLynk or an Ad decision system such as Freewheel.
    • The system operates completely in sync with station automation.
    • Streamliner uses the existing broadcast linear air chain including your automation system, video servers and other devices. It does not require a whole new separate broadcast chain for streaming content replacement.
    • The program log and playlist you create for your linear broadcast day is being utilized to drive your stream. No changes to these operations are required.
    •  It has minimal to no impact on your existing broadcast processes and workflow.
    •  It does not require additional personnel for the streaming system operation.
    • The system supports status review and system override in Master Control with industry standard interface panels (DNF, VideoFrame). Essential for live News operations.



    Commercial Covers System- NEW

    System for the automated replacement of commercial break content for localized or specialized outbound feeds.

    • Recent deployment – MSNBC International feed
    • Lower cost to implement than a traditional spot playback server.
    • No need to traffic promos/spots. The system uses algorithms to structure breaks based on information from automation system and using a stock library of clips.
    • Minimal ongoing costs since breaks do not need to be ‘traffic’d’.
    • Provides tools for easily managing a library of clips used for breaks. For example, peer groups and/or individual clips can be enabled/disabled or assigned valid time windows quickly.
    • Administration tools can be accessed remotely.


    Duality - NEW

    A system that allows you to multi-purpose your graphics devices for master control and branding, as well as live production.

    • Recent deployment – Fox News Channel, NBC RSN Mid-Atlantic
    • Display pre-defined, scheduled rundowns of information during specific times of the day under full automation control.
    • Take direct control of the system from the production control room as needed to enter and display information contextual to on-air programming.
    • Supports real-time preview of graphics on a PC desktop prior to triggering to air.
    • Streamlined operation using hot-keys for rundown manipulation and trigger-to-air operations.



    Automate and streamline your branding and graphics workflows, for single or multi-channel operations.

    • Recent deployment – Fox News Channel, Fox Business Network – with live operations.
    • Rules based automated graphics and audio generation with interfaces to station automation and traffic, used for the automatic insertion of:
      • Station ID Bugs
      • Promo Bugs, still or animated
      • Lower third Snipes
      • Repetitive Titles
      • Now, Next Later Menus
      • Cross Channel Promos
      • Program Guides
      • Promos over Credits
      • Required information & disclaimers
    • Graphic events can be generated with time offsets from the start of the video clip, from the end of the video clip or anywhere in between as well as in relation to any other event on the automation playlist.
    • Automation playlist data extraction allows Promotor to retrieve information directly from the playlist including clip IDs (names) and scheduled time. The list can also be expanded to include custom metadata and tags.
    • Supports real time accuracy of graphics triggers, with build-ahead features.
    • Provides just in time assembly of graphic and audio promos with graphic design separated from the dynamic content.
    • Tremendous reduction in graphics creation, cataloging, storage and management eliminating the need for preproduction of almost all daily graphics.


    GameTrak – Tickers and other automated sports graphics

    • GameTrak-Ticker and GameTrak-Graphic Control systems with traditional graphics systems providing fast reliable on-air display of Tickers, L-Bars & Full Screen Boards. 
    • GameTrak Ticker supports sponsor graphics with reconciliation for additional ROI.
    • GameTrak Ticker and Control systems enhance live productions with up to the minute information using dedicated control interfaces for seamless on-air display of lower third Tickers, L-Bar or Full page graphics. 
    • Powerful data parsers and rules based associations combine information, images and graphics display formats to make GameTrak the fastest and easiest system to learn and operate. 
    • Data parsed from Sports, Weather, News data feeds, or accessed from local databases are instantly integrated with your on-air design to produce compelling graphics that inform and retain viewers during local broadcasts and throughout the show or throughout the day. 
    • GameTrak is a server/client application that makes it easy for broadcasters, cable operators and networks present live news, sports scores, stats and weather from external data sources using traditional graphics systems.  On-air display can be crawl, page recall or tab type tickers with fully automated, semi-automated or fully manual operations.
    • GameTrak Ticker is available as a turnkey system with SD or HD graphics generator or as a software only solution for use with an existing graphics device.
    • GameTrak can also be configured to automate L-Bar operations as well as provide full screen automated data driven graphics for sports channels.  GameTrak keeps station content current even during re-airs and taped programming through the use of live data and advanced integration with automation and other control protocols.

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    Synapse with Neuron Bundles


    Election Software and Systems

    VDS election systems provide all the tools and needed to manage and produce national, state and local election graphics.  Election Tickers and full screen Election Boards are populated and displayed with the StackMaster election software.


    SoapBox – Inbound Social Media

    • VDS SoapBox is designed for broadcasters to easily display social media messages during the on‐air broadcast of News, Sports, Talk Shows, and Local programming.  Retain viewers and generate revenue with calls to action and links to advertisers.


     Watercooler- Outbound Social Media

    • Watercooler is a social media platform for distributing outbound messages in sync with linier broadcast.  TV stations, Networks and Cable companies can easily generate social media events that are fully synchronized with broadcast programming.
    • Watercooler automatically sends messages to any social media account timed precisely with on-air events.  Include links, e-coupons and customized messages to one or many accounts as revenue producing “Social Coupons.



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