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Watercooler Social TV Generates Advanced Ads

by Larry on Thursday, February 26, 2015 9:59 AM
    Watercooler is VDS’s system for sending automated social media messages (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) that are in sync with content playout. With the ability to see into the future of the broadcast day, broadcasters can now offer advanced advertising.


    Here’s how:

    With its interface to facility station automation, Watercooler sees all the commercial spots and programs that are coming up throughout the day.


    Television stations that broadcast these commercials can send special social media messages each time a specific spot is played, at a pre-set time interval in advance.


    Like this:



    If a Ford commercial is coming up during a hot new show, the broadcaster can send Twitter messages to all fans of the show that they can get exciting and exclusive fan offers at the Ford website.


    In addition, they can also open a call to action that provides even more, if viewers respond with the right answer to a question about the specific commercial spot.


     The social media messages can be set up as templates well in advance of the airing of the commercial spot. When it finally goes to air, via the application of a rule that looks for that particular commercial spot, it will always be in sync with the exact time that the spot is aired, even if the programs for the day get shifted.


    In this way, advertisers can ‘pre-cue’ television viewers to the commercial that is coming up. The viewers are more inclined to stay tuned for the spot, especially if it’s a product of interest to them.


    And after the TV ad has played, Watercooler can send out follow-up social media messages to remind viewers of the products they saw in the ad. A great way to reinforce brands!


    Watercooler:  for advanced advertising via automated social media messages.


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