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VDS Soapbox with VidiGo Graphics - Affordable Social TV Solution!

by Larry on Tuesday, July 24, 2012 1:58 PM

    We are happy to announce that we have integrated our Soapbox social media product with the VidiGo Graphics software to provide a turnkey solution for Social TV.  

    Designed to provide broadcasters with tools to facilitate viewer interaction and retention, the integration of Soapbox with VidiGo provides broadcasters with an affordable, high quality and turnkey system for getting social media messages to air. The system includes the VDS Soapbox Social Media Gateway, browser-based user interface, VidiGo Graphics software and a broadcast quality hardware platform.

    Also included in the Soapbox system is it's integral database - earlier, we described all the top reasons why you should have a database.

    Soapbox makes connecting with viewers through Social Media easy and flexible.  With Soapbox, broadcasters can easily curate and manage Social Media messages such as those from Twitter. Designed for use in live production environments, the user interface provides operators with instant access to Twitter messages from lists, messages that reference hash-tags, as well as ‘user mentions’.

    All of the messages are displayed within the Soapbox interface and can be quickly added to a display sequence or playlist. The Soapbox message editor makes filtering and cultivating of messages fast and simple, speeding the process of selecting and approving messages for air. Advanced search functions allow for the selection of messages using simple queries and selection/sorting tools. 

    Playlists can be taken to air immediately, or scheduled for future display.  With the browser based user interface and underlying database, multiple curators can review and save approved Twitter messages including user avatars.


    With VidiGo Graphics, broadcasters can easily create graphics for display of Soapbox messages using standard Web tools such as those in Adobe Creative Suite.  VidiGo Graphics leverages the flexibility and large user community of Flash developers with a frame-accurate, high-quality, data driven SDI graphics engine to provide broadcast quality output at an affordable price.

    With the combination of VDS Soapbox and VidiGo graphics, you can achieve your Social TV goals.

    If you would like more information on Soapbox, or would like a demonstration right at your desk, please let us know.

    We can also provide you with a demonstration of the VidiGo graphics software to complete your experience.


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