Automated Graphic Workflows
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Efficient Flexible Workflow for graphics and other digital assets is a critical factor in staying competitive. Whether your operations are traditional broadcast, cable, satellite, IPTV or OTT, increased demand for graphics branding, sponsorship, and localization is increasing.
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Automated Graphic Workflows

Automated Graphic Workflows

Automated Graphics Workflow solutions from VDS, products like Promotor and DiReCT, are unique and maximize the performance of your existing infrastructure by automating critical operations.  VDS solutions introduce a level of efficiency that can’t be achieved by traditional station automation systems or by manual methods.

Seamless integration with existing automation; VDS leverages existing infrastructure, synchronizing asset distribution with rules based events to streamline processes across the enterprise.  VDS Automated Graphics Workflow tools can be tailored to match your operation, reduce workload, and increase productivity with complete reconciliation.  

If you manage one channel, or more than 50, seamless graphics automation is possible with scalable solutions from VDS.

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