Boards & L-bar
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Today’s larger 16x9 television format offers new opportunities and many broadcasters are capitalizing on the extra real estate, providing more viewer information and generating additional revenue. These regions, used in conjunction with or without a traditional ticker create an ‘L-Bar’ of additional automated graphics. Greater retention along with increased revenue creates a win-win for sponsorship and advertising.
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Boards & L-bar

Build brand awareness with compelling displays that include Hyper Local sports, news and weather.  Easily combine Audio, Video & Graphics using the VDS L-Bar systems sets your channel apart from the pack.  The greater source of graphical data provides a way to retain viewers with additional news, weather, stock and sports information, while maintaining the core broadcast display.

With the addition of VDS AdSync™, Sponsor Branding on the L-Bar is automatically synchronized with commercial spots, proving an enhanced advertising and branding opportunity for clients.  Linked directly to Traffic, AdSync™ is intuitive and aware allowing advance sponsor sales for specific events like weather and traffic alerts.