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VDS provides broadcasters with the most affordable, attractive and high performance ticker systems in use today. With an integral scheduler for sponsor insertion, VDS tickers provide a continuous source of revenue in the form of sponsor logos, taglines while building brand awareness.
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The VDS tickers use a variety of data sources from sports scores, weather alerts and conditions, real time stock trades, school closings to SMS and Twitter messages.  Freedom of design, transitions and sequencing all work together engage the viewer. From simple crawls to multilayer tab-based animations, VDS can deliver the look and feel that identifies your brand and enhances your on-air operation.

Your sales team also benefits with the addition of VDS AdSync™, automatically synchronize sponsorship with commercial spots, proving an enhanced advertising and branding opportunity for clients.  Linked directly to Traffic, AdSync is intuitive and aware, allowing advance sponsor sales for specific events weather and alerts.