VDS Releases Next Generation Streamliner V2.0 for OTT

Supports Most Major Automation Systems plus New Features for DAI, DRM and Program & Ad Break Signaling

09/01/2015 -

VDS has released its next generation of Streamliner software.

Introduced in 2013 and currently field deployed at several major media company operations, Streamliner is software that provides for frame accurate signaling of linear programming start times, durations and user defined metadata in single or multichannel operations. This signaling can take the form of VANC embedded SCTE104/35 messages or IP-to-encoder or DAI system.


With support now for all major automation systems including legacy ADC and Colossus, Streamliner’s flexible rules engine allow for the application of customer defined logic at the point of program origination to the signaling of downstream systems.


Rather than use pre-defined (fixed) messages which have limits to their applicability, Streamliner’s messages are dynamic and relational to the automation events that are scheduled. Streamliner’s approach yields a very flexible and reliable method that enables precise timing for downstream triggering operations, while supporting sophisticated downstream logic via support for complex message structures. The approach also allows for simplified future message extensions and enhancements.


Streamliner signaling messages can be used for streaming Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) in streaming operations as well as for Content Substitution (for DRM) and program and Ad boundary signaling for MPVDs.


Streamliner V2.0 provides even further features to the messaging capability of Streamliner:

  • All major automation systems are now supported from Imagine ADC to Grass Valley iTX.
  • Support for the latest ANSI/SCTE 104  standard including features such as time signal requests, multiple operation messages, segment and tier descriptors.


“We’ve expanded the capabilities and interoperability of Streamliner with V2.0”, said Larry Mincer, President of VDS. “With the ability to transmit in realtime, all the critical information such as what will play and what is playing, with all the data associated with these, Streamliner provides critical functionality for streaming content and ad replacement operations.”