VDS Releases Election Suite V2.0

Provides Automated Operations for Election Results Parsing, Ticker Control and Full Screen Race Graphics

2/2/2016 - The VDS Elections Suite is a complete system, providing modern tools to cover all aspects of election coverage including; election setup, data acquisition and monitoring, manual data entry, graphics display and data distribution to digital platforms and websites.

“This new release greatly enhances the capabilities of our already capable field-tested Elections software”, said Larry Mincer of VDS. “This updated Suite provides broadcasters with all the tools needed to generate accurate election tickers and full screen graphics. It’s a great replacement for the legacy LeaderPlus system.”




The system supports election results for local, regional, statewide and national races from a range of data sources including Associated Press (APEO FTP) and CA Secretary of State, as well manually input races and data.

Results are continuously monitored and updated, and can be displayed in full-screen and lower-third ticker formats on a range of broadcast graphics systems including Ross XPression and Chyron.

New and enhanced in version 2.0 is its suite of tools for defining lists of races to be monitored for use in tickers, full-screen graphics, producer watch-lists, or distribution to external systems. Tools are provided for creating groups or “sub-lists” of races, then building these sub-lists into one or more “playlists” which can be edited on-the-fly. This approach allows for on-the-spot monitoring and fast editing of content during election events.

Multi-channel support allows for specific playlists targeted for output on specific graphics systems. This approach greatly simplifies coverage where the content for multiple channels or networks are produced in a common facility.

Playlists can now also be targeted to specific functions only: a producer can create a playlist of key races for monitoring purposes, different than the playlist driving the on-air ticker.

Also new are improved tools for generating XML files for playlists of races: lists can be continuously monitored and output to a specified file folder location where they can be ingested into website content management systems.