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A suite of applications for synchronizing sponsor logo and clips with the playback of commercial spots.


Create enhanced advertising opportunities for your broadcast sales team with AdSync.

AdSync allows broadcasters to generate sponsor logos and other graphics that are in sync with the playing of commercial spots.

enhanced advertizing

VDS's tight integration with automation provides playlist information, including the clip IDs, start times and durations of the upcoming video clips. this includes programs, bumpers and of course commercial spots.

In the example shown above, as AdSync knows that who the advertiser is for the commercial spot, it can generate the right logo through the system's internal rules engine.

This advanced look-ahead into the programming day allows AdSync to generate the sponsor logo in advance of the commercial spot, which provides for an advanced attraction to the viewers. In addition, after the commercial spot has played, via the application of the right user-defined rules, the sponsor logo can remain on for enhanced viewer retention, or removed automatically.

The robust, mature system provides for distributed interface for user setup and management. Multiple graphics systems are supported as well as several facility automation systems.

With AdSync, advanced advertising with coordinated sponsor logos with commercial spots are now possible.

Even more opportunities are possible, when combined with the power of Social TV via Watercooler and SoapBox.


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