Elections Boards
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A software application for the display of full screen Elections Results graphics with automatic retrieval of election results data.
Elections Boards

Elections Boards

is a software application for broadcasters that provides for the automated data retrieval of live elections results and the insertion of that data in to television graphic templates.

The system also provides a user interface, called Stackmaster, for and operator to quickly and easily set up the entire stack of 'boards' displays.

Features include:

  • Quick operator selection of the races for display from the list of available races.
  • Stacks of boards can be in any sequence required.
  • The stack of boards can be locked by the operator and then brought to air in sequence, one-by-one.
  • Multiple stacks can be created and saved out to the database for recall at any time. These stacks can be created in advance of airtime.
  • As the boards are on air, they are updated live as election data updates come in.
  • The operator can also enter boards into the stack using numerical codes that are assigned automatically in advance (e.g. 1001 = 1-way board for US president, 2001 = 2-way board for US president, 3 = 3-way board for US president, etc.). This allows producers to call out contents for a stack by referencing a printed list.
  • The software can also be used “off-line” for stack creation by producers. The stacks are then recalled as needed into the on-line system that is connected to the CG.
  • Support for “auto-sequencing” boards at timed intervals without manual triggers.

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