Elections Ticker
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Automated system for the display of elections results in a ticker type format.
Elections Ticker

VDS Elections Ticker

For the automated display of elections race results in a ticker type format.

election ticker

The VDS Election ticker provides a live ticker (lower-third) to display the status of selected races in a pre-defined sequence. This application executes under automatic control with limited operator controls.

Normally, due to the limited display size of a ticker (lower third), there is usually only room for only the two leading candidates. The results for these candidates’ races are shown in "horse-race" format, with the current leader shown at the top.

The Election ticker is designed to display the following elements for the top two candidates in each of the selected races:

  • Candidate name
  • Candidate party affiliation
  • Race call element - added manually when needed
  • Candidate current vote count
  • Candidate percent of vote count as calculated

election ticker

Features Include:

Trigger Controls:
  • Start
  • Pause/Stop - Clicking on this button will pause/stop the automatic ticker display. After clicking on this button, the operator can click on the Start button to re-start the ticker at the point where it was paused/stopped (e.g. for resuming display after a commercial break).
  • Reset - Clicking on this button will reset the ticker display sequence to the first race in the sequence. If this button is clicked after clicking on the Pause/Stop button, the next time the ticker is started (i.e. by clicking on the Start button), the first race displayed will be the first race in the display list.
  • List-box to enable/disable individual races.
  • Dwell Time Control - A separate dialog box allows the operator to set/adjust the on-screen display time for each ticker display page.
Status Information - current ticker status (Running, Pause/Stop); selected dwell time; time to next page display; information about current race information being displayed; and information about the next race information to be displayed.

The VDS Election ticker is a customizable system that generally requires modification to provide your particular look and feel. As such, consultation with VDS is a good first step in the process of determining how this system could work in your facility.

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