GameTrak Channel
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Automated complete channel with full screen and scoreboard type displays of timely sports scores, stats and news.
GameTrak Channel

GameTrak Channel

is a turnkey system for the generation of automated sports graphics and data providing leagues, teams and television broadcasters with systems that provide a wealth of information for their fans and viewers.

automated sports graphics

Designed for unattended operations, GameTrak  Channel provides viewers with the full gamut of sports information, game schedules and scores and up to the minute team and league statistics.

With a complete flexibility of display, GameTrak Channel gives the broadcaster a vehicle for 24/7 sponsorship opportunities as well as on screen promotional messages to their viewers.  Most displays also incorporate ‘calls to action’ providing viewers with links to more data on a website or channel assignments for upcoming or in progress games.

automated sports graphics

Localization of display data is also possible with GameTrak Channel.  In this approach, a central ‘national’ display is generated with regional data being displayed as an overlay in each of the regions that require different data. This can provide viewers with local information such as channel numbers to indicate where each game is being broadcast.

Viewers can see displays of game schedules, scores, live display of game situation information, including possession and red-zone indicators for football games in progress. The graphics can also include season leaders (with headshots), game day leader statistics, continuous news crawl, with operator input, as well as graphics or text promos, and sponsor logos.

When GameTrak Channel operates with VDS Promotor, automated transition between layouts and elements can occur as well as graphics that are contextual to any video content.

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