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Automated sports ticker system for football, baseball, hockey, basketball, soccer or any other sports scores and data.
GameTrak Ticker

GameTrak Ticker

was developed for broadcasters and cable companies so that they could present sports scores and statistics in a very attractive, high quality, graphical way. GameTrak Ticker has been used by many of the premier sports broadcasters to provide sports data that is engaging, meaningful and retains viewers.

automated sports ticker software

GameTrak Ticker is not a ‘canned’ or generic ticker that essentially looks like all other generic tickers.  Nor is it a complete custom built system which might be expensive and take a long time to implement. 

Each GameTrak Ticker is built from off-the-shelf VDS modules that provide for a wide degree of customization and flexibility for the finally constructed system.  This approach allows broadcasters to achieve a high degree of differentiation with ticker graphics that exactly match their look and without the cost and time needed to develop a completely custom system.

automated sports ticker software

GameTrak Ticker provides the broadcaster with a great platform for sponsorship and revenue generation. With automated sponsor regions built into the system, broadcasters can realize a return on investment in a very short time period. With minimal support requirements, GameTrak Ticker can continue to generate sponsorship revenue operating 24/7 if desired.  With the addition of AdSync, VDS’s Automation Bridge for Enhanced Advertising / Sponsorship, sponsor generation in the GameTrak Ticker can be synchronized with commercial spots, providing the broadcaster with enhanced advertising revenue opportunities.


GameTrak Ticker provides a platform for generating station or facility promos. When you need to get the word out about an exciting new show, an upcoming event or have some great new items in the company store or online, GameTrak Ticker is a fast and easy way to get that message out. It also gives you the perfect tool for pointing your viewers to your website.


GameTrak Ticker informs and retains viewers while building visual interest for the programming and channel.  It provides dynamic and engaging graphics and comprehensive, accurate, timely data and information while increasing station brand awareness.


GameTrak Ticker also integrates easily with mobile and web-based applications for consistent data and branding over multiple delivery platforms.


GameTrak Ticker keeps station content current even during re-airs and taped programming through the use of live data and advanced scheduling capabilities.


GameTrak Ticker gives you the ability to display continuous sports scores, schedules, results and all kinds of stats in a sophisticated high quality ticker format during your broadcast.
automated sports ticker software



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