Imagica O-gi Plug-Ins
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O-gi is a collection of four image augmenting filters enabled by VDS for Quantel systems, accessible as plug-ins within Quantel's QEdit and QEffects environments.
Imagica O-gi Plug-Ins

Imagica O-gi Plug-Ins

O-gi is a collection of four image augmenting filters for Quantel systems, accessible as plug-ins within Quantel’s QEdit and QEffects environments. O-gi includes Video Signal Legalizer, Wrinkle Diminisher, Mach Band Suppressor, and Edge Preserving Smoother. These plug-ins eliminate tedious image clean-up operations and help to improve image quality by removing unexpected defects. Their optimized tools feature fast rendering and a simple easy-to-use interface. O-gi will help insure that your work looks its best before leaving your facility.

O‐gi: Video Signal Legalizer

Brings luminance/chroma levels smoothly into conformance with video “legal” limits.

With most video legalizers, video signals that exceed “legal” video limits would be just chopped off causing details to be lost and resulting in a degradation of the video quality. O-gi Video Signal Legalizer “soft clips” the illegal signal, maintaining the original details. Apply it prior to generating your final output to assure that all colors are broadcast safe.


Quantel  filter plug-in

Video Signal Legalizer applied to sample image

O-gi: Wrinkle Diminisher

Easily beautifies harsh wrinkles in close-ups of the skin and other features.

This is all the more important with the advent of HDTV where such details are easily visible. By simplifying tedious sequential operation usually required in beautifying the skin, O-gi fees editors for more important things.

Quantel filter plug-in 

 Wrinkle Diminisher Quantel UI


Quantel filter plug-ins 

Wrinkle Diminisher applied to sample image

O-gi: Mach Band Suppressor

Suppresses “mach banding” on digital animation.

Mach banding, where dark or light edges appear along the edge of a blurred contour between light and dark areas of an image, is a problem most likely to occur in color gradations on 8-bit digital animation. These bandings are troublesome because their visibility sometimes depends on the monitors being used, and they often don’t become visible until output is completed. If pre-processing is done using Mach Band Suppressor, this problem can be alleviated.

Quantel filter plug-in 


Mach Band Suppressor applied to sample image


O-gi: Edge Preserving Smoother

Removes sparkle and grain noise while preserving edges and details.

Most standard edge preserving filters allow you to blur the film grain noise but often require complicated parameter adjustments to remove the noise. By using this plug-in, you can easily remove the noise with simple parameter adjustments. This filter does not just blur the imagery as many similar products do, but uses a sophisticated algorithm to analyze the data, identify the grain, and remote it using a proprietary algorithm and leaving a very clean result.

Quantel filter plug-in

Edge Preserving Smoother applied to sample image








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