NewsTicker Suite
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NewsTicker Suite provides broadcast graphics automation in a ticker type form for television broadcasters, providing news, sports, weather, traffic, school closings and financial data displays.
NewsTicker Suite

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NewsTicker Suite

NewsTicker Suite is a control system for Broadcast Graphics, Tickers and Master-Control branding. Modular and scalable, NewsTicker Suite can be used for generating automated graphics in a range of formats, from simple tickers to elaborate “L-Bars”.

NewsTicker  Suite is an enterprise level application that streamlines management of on- air tickers,  and branding and graphic events.   Providing control for Live Production and Master Control operation in a Windows or browser interface,  NewsTicker  Suite enables new workflows that transcend traditional processes. 

Leveraging existing hardware,  News Ticker Suite improves ROI and streamlines operations while generating sponsor revenue.

newsticker suite

Producers can generate information easily and quickly from their desk, eliminating the “Master control fire drill”.  News Ticker Suite streamlines the process of generating and managing any on-air graphic, branding, or data driven event.

Production control can command all on-air graphics during live events and Master Control manages daily branding programming.

NewsTicker Suite is also compatible with the VDS automation solutions allowing for graphics that are synchronized with content playout: Sports graphics over sports highlights, stock market data over financial news, enhanced sponsorship in sync with commercial content.


Data sources for NewsTicker Suite can include:

  • News – Headlines, Breaking News, or full detailed stories, either received automatically, or edited with the NewsTicker tools
  • Sports – Game schedules, scores, notes, team and player statistics, leaders and standings
  • Twitter and other Social Media messages
  • Lottery Results
  • Traffic information
  • Facility promos and updates
  • Weather - Forecasts, alerts, conditions or maps
  • Financial – Stock market data either real time or delayed in ticker or bug type displays
  • RSS feeds
  • School Closings


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Newsticker Suite
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