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Latest Product Update:
Primatte V5 is the latest version of the popular Primatte Keyer. It is faster and easier to use and includes many new features compared to the previous Primatte implementation.
The Primatte Keyer is a standard in both the motion picture and television industries and has been used on hundreds of major motion pictures, television shows, commercials and music videos.

Primatte V5

Primatte V5 is the latest version of the popular Primatte Keyer.  It is faster and easier to use and includes many new features compared to the previous Primatte implementation.

primatte for Quantel

Menus for Primatte V5 Software keyer


Primatte V5 includes a Quantel hardware-assisted Keyer in the “Key” menu in Effects, and a software keyer in the “QPlugin” menu. The hardware-assisted keyer has faster performance but fewer features than the software keyer. The software keyer offers Primatte’s full feature set and precision. On machines without Quantel hardware, the hardware assisted keyer is still present but it runs using software emulation of the Quantel hardware.

New Features in Primatte V5

Performance Enhancements in Software Keyer

In Primatte V5, the Software Keyer is SSE2 optimized, giving the full Primatte feature set excellent performance.

Adjust Lighting (s/w only)

Adjust Lighting automatically detects the backing screen color and then uses it to generate a clean and evenly lit ‘virtual’ or ‘artificially generated’ backing screen to use in the keying operation. This solves the problem of having to key unevenly lit backing screens or backing screens with different shades of color.

primatte for Quantel

Original (top) and results without (bottom left) and with (bottom right) Adjust Lighting.

Hybrid Mode (s/w only)

The new Hybrid Mode uses a technique often used by compositing artists when the foreground object has a color in it that is close to the backing screen color. These areas usually become transparent in the keying process and have to be dealt with in separate operations. Hybrid Mode performs this operation within Primatte by making a second key with the similar colored areas in the foreground made opaque and then shrunk down and composited over the original key. This should solve many time-consuming operations that compositing artists currently have to deal with.

primatte for Quantel

 Original (ul), background matte (ur), blurred foreground matte (ll), and result with combined matte (lr).

quantel plug-in

Improved Auto-compute (s/w only) Refer to the section below for details.

New Features in Primatte V4

Faster Processing
Speed optimizations in the code makes this the fastest Primatte ever.

Improved Spill, Matte and Detail Sampling tools
These give a much finer and incremental control over each of the functions resulting in far greater control over the resultant key.

Floating Point/Integer Calculations
All internal calculations done in either Floating point or 16-bit Integer. Floating point improves both accuracy and speed.

Auto-compute (s/w only)
One click of the Auto-Compute button detects the backing screen color, eliminates it and cleans up the foreground and background noise. Follow up with some spill removal to complete most well shot clips. With Primatte V5, Auto Compute has also been improved to handle cases where the backing area is small, or where the foreground has colors similar to the background color.

primatte for Quantel

Menus for Hardware-accelerated Primatte V5 Keyer


New Keyer Viewing Tools (s/w only)
In addition to the keyed foreground and normal view key modes, now see processed foreground with spill suppression applied, and defocus source (this displays the foreground with Grain Removal applied).

Defocus Replacement Spill Suppression Mode (s/w only)
This uses a defocused copy of the background image to determine the spill replacement colors instead of a sold palette color.

Inward Defocus Tool
A method of defocusing the matte where the softening is only applied inwardly, toward the center of the foreground subject

Median Picking
Filter out noisy pixels when doing sampling and picking operations by applying a 3x3 median filter on the sampled input pixels prior to performing the sampling operation.

Degrain Tools (s/w only)
Clean the background but still preserve the fine edges on the foreground object by using the Degrain feature to support cases when there is a lot of noise (usually caused by film grain) in the foreground image that makes producing a good extraction difficult.

New matte extractions (Primatte RT and Primatte RT+) (s/w only)
These algorithms are modified versions of the original Primatte algorithm and use the Primatte Polyhedral Slicing Algorithms. They allow for accelerated processing if your clips are well lit and photographed.



Great deals on upgrades are available for customers with the previous Primatte version.

Contact your Quantel sales rep or dealer for further details on purchasing this plug-in (new or upgrade).

Primatte is distributed and licensed by Photron USA, Inc., San Diego, CA, USA

Primatte was developed by IMAGICA DIGIX Inc., Tokyo, Japan

Primatte is a trademark of IMAGICA DIGIX Inc., Tokyo, Japan



Download the Primatte Software Keyer Plug-in Reference

primatte for Quantel

Download the Primatte Hardware Assisted Keyer Plug-in Reference

primatte for Quantel

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