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Suite of applications that provides extensive capabilities for the automatic playback of graphic and audio promos. A rules-based system that uses timing and other information from automation and traffic as triggers for graphic, audio and other triggers.


Rules Based Graphics Automation

Promotor is a suite of broadcast graphics automation software that provides extensive capabilities for the automatic playback of graphic and audio promos. By automating the repetitive manual processes used to generate television broadcast promos and branding, Promotor significantly streamlines the process of generating these promos.
broadcast promo automation

Reduce Operational Costs

This enables broadcasters to reduce costs of operation and make more efficient use of graphics, promotions and engineering resources. In addition, as promos can now be generated without the potential errors of current methods and with much less effort, broadcasters can realize great flexibility and speed in their daily promos.

Real Time Operations

Promotor is unique in its ability to drive real-time On-Air events in concert with broadcast automation. By design, Promotor extends the capabilities of station automation, bridging the gap between demand and capability with rules based actions applied to basic automation playlist events.

Crafted Look and Feel

The result is Promotor delivering complex lower thirds and full screen graphic promos with a “crafted look” at precisely the right moment.

With these graphics and audio promos being generated in sync with automation playback of content, graphics can be contextual to the program content and vice versa.

Distributed User Interface

As Promotor generates its own playlist that is in completely synchronized with the facility automation, there is a significant reduction in the scheduling of secondary events.

broadcast graphics automation

Tremendous Reduction in Required Graphics Possible

Facilities no longer need to create, catalog and transfer many variations of graphics to get the message across. Promotor use graphics with fixed as well as variable elements with the variable elements, like the name of the show and its start time dynamically filled by Promotor when the rules are applied.

Promotor streamlines all operations of promo generation providing for more efficient and faster time to air for new promos. In addition, you do not have to change your workflow: Promotor can adapt to your needs.

Promotor supports real time automation triggers. The traffic log does not need to be recompiled for the changes to be reflected in Promotor.

broadcast graphics automation 

Cross Channel Promotions Possible

Because Promotor can interface to all channels within a multichannel facility, cross channel promos are able to be easily generated. broadcast graphics automation

Promotor supports different graphics devices through its modular plug-in architecture. This allows use of legacy devices with current generation systems.

Promotor supports different automation systems as well as graphics devices via its modular plug-in architecture.

External Data Feeds

Promotor can utilize multiple and different data sources and feeds with the right options:

  • Sports Scores
  • Social Media Messages
  • RSS Feeds
  • SMS data
  • Financial Data
  • Weather
  • News Wires
  • Polling results
  • Web data
  • Other database sources

broadcast graphics automation

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broadcast promo automation

Typical Promotor Configuration
in a Multichannel Facility

broadcast graphics automation

Promotor Data Flow

broadcast graphics automation

Promotor Data Flow - With DiReCT

automated graphics workflow
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