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SchoolTouch is the most widely used school closing system for broadcasters. Cost effective and efficient, SchoolTouch has all the features to automate this process.


Make next winter a little easier on your operations team and keep your viewers informed.  

SchoolTouch empowers your community to keep their employees, students and co-workers informed.  Create categories for companies, houses of worship, Town and Local Government, Web-Entry makes it easy for users to access and update their status.  Easy to use, affordable and powerful – SchoolTouch.


Primary System Features:

  • Standard 3RU Rack Mount Server
  • Available with either 4, or 8 line telephone input
  • Optional remote I/O card providing input and output GPI's for notification of staff, pausing from spot system, triggering DVE or Keyer
  • Encrypted and secure entry and updates
  • Complete school systems of districts can be closed with one call, if desired
  • Database configured with PINs and passwords, either MS Access or SQL
  • Multiple workstations can access the system across your network (Network Nodes Option)
  • Manual closings for special situations provided
  • Facility staff can view closing progress from the desktop (Network Nodes Network)
  • Printable closing list
  • Up to 100 configurable conditions
  • XML View - outputs school closings information in an XML file that is formatted to be readable by mobile communication facilities.
  • With WebView™ option, the station web site is updated automatically
  • With WebEntry™ option, users can indicate conditions via the internet


WebEntry:                         school closing software

WebEntry allows institution administration to close schools via the Internet, cutting out the time used to call in and confirm condition changes over the phone. The user logs in with their SchoolTouch PIN and password, and data about their institution is displayed, along with a concise and compact control panel. WebEntry allows the user to either close or open their institution with a single click, or browse a list of all available conditions that fit somewhere in-between. After successfully changing condition, a confirmation screen is displayed and the user is automatically logged out. It’s a quicker alternative to calling in condition changes as the total time from log-in to log-out is merely seconds.

XML View:

XML View for SchoolTouch polls the SchoolTouch database at a user-specified interval of time, retrieving from it any non-open school’s condition, school name and phone number. XML View takes this information and forms it into an XML file that is formatted to be readable by mobile communication facilities.

After creating the XML file, the user then has the option to allow the application to either save the file locally to a hard drive or push the file to a server via FTP, allowing any mobile communication companies to retrieve it with proper permissions.

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