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Soapbox is a system that allows broadcasters to easily and reliably generate social media messages to air, typically in a ticker type format. Provides tools for visual proofing and editing messages before they are committed for broadcast use.


is a system that allows broadcasters to easily and reliably generate social media messages to air, typically in a ticker type format. broadcast twitter crawl Messages can be automatically retrieved from a pre-determined URL or they can be copied and pasted or dropped into the Soapbox UI.


Because the messages can be of indeterminate length, the best way to display them is in a crawl format with a graphic separator between messages. While there certainly are other ways to generate these messages in a broadcast display, crawl is the most common and is natively supported by Soapbox. Other graphics displays should be discussed with VDS for feasibility.


Depending on the choice of graphics device, SoapBox also can generate a logo or other graphic to act as a separator between messages as shown above.

Message Review and Authoring:

soapbox user interfaceBecause the social media messages are from the general public, these messages need to be reviewed, edited, rejected or approved for air before they go into the broadcast stream. The VDS Soapbox system includes an Authoring interface which allows the author to quickly review the messages as they come into the system. In addition, there is an editable bad-language dictionary filter that provides a quick an easy way to highlight messages that may be inappropriate for broadcast. This allows the author to quickly ignore those messages and focus on the ones that are not highlighted.

Soapbox not also offers a distributed user interface providing for multiple user access, review and editing.


Promotional and Other Messages:

Soapbox also provides the author with a way to enter promo or other messages that can be used along with the social media messages. These messages can be created in the user interface or copied and pasted or soapbox user interfacedragged into the edit box. They appear in their own stack and can be enabled as required for inclusion into the total message stream to air.

System Configuration:

Soapbox is comprised of software applications on a standard desktop or rack-mount computer that is connected to the Internet and to a broadcast graphics device.

broadcast social media ticker configuration 

Other Platforms:

Soapbox can also be configured as part of other VDS Cortex platforms, such as Promotor. In this configuration, SoapBox is a plug-in to Tabulator, one of the Promotor modules, which is responsible for data aggregation. Because Promotor provides a distributed interface, the Soapbox author can be working on any computer on the network connected to the VDS controller.

Soapbox can also be configured as part of an existing VDS GameTrak ticker system, providing social media messages as part of sports scores and highlights.

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