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Latest Product Update:
Supports All Major Automation Systems New Features for DAI, DRM and Program & Ad Break Signaling
Automated Content Management for Streaming Media Accurate Program Boundary and Duration Signaling


Streamliner solves one of the biggest challenges for real-time streaming applications: Automating and synchronizing the triggers that control and replace media segments in real time, allowing only the proper and approved content to make its way to your streaming output.

As programs and commercial spots play out on linear Broadcast or Cable channels, Streamliner automatically generates SCTE104 commands that are precisely timed to the program content. 

With integral and flexible rules engine and interface to most of the facility automation systems deployed worldwide, Streamliner provides accurate program and Ad boundary and duration signaling for downstream operations.

With exact offsets from the start of program, start of commercial, end of program, or anywhere in between, Streamliner provides accurate and reconcilable content control using industry standard SCTE104 messages synchronized to any event on the automation playlist.

This synchronization with the linear channel playlist is continuously maintained, even if automation playlist events are changed via deletions, edits or additions or if operations shift from recorded to live and back.

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VDS Provides Streamliner to FOX News Channel and FOX Business Network

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