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Twister is a complete paint, graphic content creation, and workflow utility application designed specifically for broadcasters. It includes a full suite of comprehensive paint tools and brushes, unlimited layering capabilities, and masking tools.


Twister is a complete high-definition paint, graphics, content creation, and workflow solution for Broadcasters. Twister’s user interface was designed for maximally efficient operation in the broadcast environment, but its toolsets provide incredible depth.
Twister features a full suite of comprehensive paint tools and brushes, unlimited layering capabilities, and sophisticated image processing and masking tools developed specifically for broadcasters. Twister includes a powerful file browser, a variety of text and shape tools, color correction, cut and paste tools, texture pattern/background generation, and an extensive library of powerful effects. In addition, Photoshop effects plug-ins can be used interactively on Twister’s layers.
Twister broadcast paint              

Twister’s easy-to-navigate User Interface



Twister has unlimited image and mask layers, and can be used in any broadcast resolution with images of any size (limited only by available RAM of course). Twister’s image layers feature alpha and layer mask channels, transparency, and blending modes. And each Twister image and mask layer has its own undo/redo with unlimited levels

Twister’s imaging, masking, and effects feature active previews. In addition, layers and masks can be either 2D or transformed/warped dynamically. And shapes, text, and related effects such as shadow and emboss can be dynamically applied to layers so that settings can be adjusted any time during the project. Twister’s wide variety of pressure sensitive brushes and paint tools make touch up easy, and users can quickly create and adjust masks in a variety of ways, for superior results when selecting image regions and compositing images.

Twister’s powerful file browser can import and export a wide variety of image file formats, including import and export of Photoshop Layers (PSD) files, and broadcast specific formats such as Chyron RGBA, Pinnacle .G, and Quantel VPB. Users can quickly navigate between folders, browse thumbnails and metadata of supported formats, and effortlessly import and export to/from Twister’s layers.

twister broadcast software


Twister’s powerful file browser with easy drag-and-drop to image and mask layers


Now available for Windows 7!



Twister runs as a standalone application, or as a plug-in to Chyron’s Lyric application for real-time graphics, animation, and titling. Twister runs on Windows 7, Windows XP, and Windows 2000.



Download more information on Twister here:

 Twister broadcast paint


Twister's user interface puts all the function at your fingertips:


Twister Paint Software Twister Paint Software Twister Paint Software




Twister can help you create great broadcast graphics like these:

Twister Paint SoftwareTwister Paint SoftwareTwister Paint Software

Twister Paint Software






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