Automated Promos
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Broadcast Graphics Automation software and systems to allow you to automate graphic and audio promos in single or multichannel facilities.
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Automated Promos

Automated Promos

Master Control Playout, is a real-time process under automation or manual control.  For graphics automation many have turned to “channel in a box” solutions only to realize that here again, graphics are at best semi automated, and in practice mirroring the workflow achieved with traditional hardware.

At 8:50 AM, do you know where your graphics assets are?  Are you ready with Up-Next Menus for the break just before the 9 am Morning show?  …. and what about that breaking story making AM news go long…will your graphics events adjust, or do you just drop them and focus on program? Broadcasting schedules change, you need a solution that’s just as dynamic.

You know operations and we know things change, including your on-air schedule.  That’s why we invented Promotor: A total solution for graphics and promo automation.  Promotor integrates the on-air graphics process with Operations, Traffic, Automation, and manual events in the Master Control area.  Our solutions are unique in their ability to synchronize On-Air graphic and audio in concert with broadcast automation.  Not simple page recalls, real-graphics-automation… the correct audio over, with the right graphic… showing the name, time, and even episode of the show. Every element seamlessly presented with a crafted look.  Promotor is dynamic so if your program schedule changes, Promotor reacts and updates – Automatically! 

VDS solutions address the changing needs of today’s’ broadcasters.  Our solutions increase on-air reliability and revenue through greater efficiencies, all with complete reconciliation.  You know the demands for automated promos and graphics are increasing, we know how automate and help you meet the demand.