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Election results graphics that are engaging and informative, can set the tone for attracting and retaining viewers for the rest of the year.
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VDS Elections Software

The VDS Elections Suite is a comprehensive set of software applications that allows you to quickly and reliably get Election data to air with your graphics system. Built on 15 years of experience providing election software for networks and cable new organizations, the VDS Elections Suite is a comprehensive and cost effective set of applications for Election graphics generation.

The Suite is comprised of modules which can be used for two primary functions for data driven graphics: A Ticker for continuously cycling, lower-third display of race results in a lower third graphics format and Full screen “Boards” of race results. An optional Web Output module provides for the export of automated and manual election results in an XML format for integration with broadcaster websites.

The Data Parser module uses the Associated Press Election Online (APEO) data as its source, retrieving election data content from the AP servers and providing the following types of vote result data:

  • Vote Results: Popular vote results during the Presidential and State Primaries and the general elections, by state.
  • Top-of-the-Ticket State Summary Level Results including house, senate and gubernatorial race.
  • Presidential Results: Electoral counts and popular vote results during the General Election, at the National and State levels.
  • Full support for manually-defined races with manual race updates is also provided.

The Election Management Tools module provides tools required for setting up an election including candidates, races, and lists of races to be monitored and displayed. Any number of lists may be pre-defined for use in tickers, full-screen graphics or for monitoring by production personnel.


The VDS Election ticker module provides a live ticker in a lower-third format which displays the status of selected races in a pre-defined sequence. This application executes under automatic control with certain operator controls. The Election ticker is designed to display the following elements for the top candidates in each of the selected races:

  • State or region/county (if applicable) and race description (e.g. U.S. House CD 03) 
  • Percentage of precincts reporting
  • Candidate name, party affiliation, raw vote count and/or percentage of votes  
  • Race call element (race calls automatically made and reported by AP)

The VDS StackMaster Boards module is used for the generation of election full screen graphics (‘boards’) with elections data and optional candidate headshots to be displayed in these graphics automatically filled into the appropriate graphics system templates. Quick operator selection of the races for display from the list of available races, flexible sequence of race creation and offline stack creation make the StackMaster ideal for producer directed review of races and results in a full screen graphic format.

An optional Election Graphics Viewer module provides for monitoring of race results in any number of pre-defined lists using a standard web browser.