Graphics Automation for Master Control
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Broadcasters, cable facilities and NOS service providers require Efficient and Flexible Workflows for graphics, audio and other branding assets. A solution that enables new Workflows, aligns with existing Business Processes and extends the operational capabilities using Existing Infrastructure is ideal. The objective is branding, localization and revenue producing events “assembled at runtime”, allowing program assets to evergreen. Automating this process is key to maintaining competitiveness while providing cost effective services to existing and new clients. Whether your operations are traditional broadcast, cable, satellite, IPTV or OTT, increased demand for graphics branding, sponsorship, and localization is increasing.
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Graphics Automation for Master Control

Graphics Automation for Master Control

Automated Graphics Workflow solutions from VDS are unique and maximize the performance of your existing infrastructure by automating critical operations.  VDS solutions introduce a level of efficiency that can’t be achieved by traditional station automation systems or by manual methods.

Seamless integration with existing automation; VDS leverages existing infrastructure, synchronizing asset distribution with rules based events to streamline processes across the enterprise.  VDS Automated Graphics Workflow tools can be tailored to match your operation, reduce workload, and increase productivity with complete reconciliation.  

If you manage one channel, or more than 50, seamless graphics automation is possible with scalable solutions from VDS.

Media companies, Content Delivery Facilities, and Multi-Channel Operation Centers employ a variety of hardware from many manufacturers. Traditional automation systems are effective for traditional device control and broadcast operations.  Coordinated operations across multiple channels and new distribution platforms are generally difficult if not impossible.  

VDS Cross Platform Automation solutions provide facilities with the ability to design and implement synchronized operations of dissimilar and unrelated equipment.  Integrate existing automation with existing and unrelated video gear to achieve new level of branding that delivers a “Crafted” look and feel.  Meet the demands of clients asking for Cross-Channel-Promotions, Branding, Snipes and “Cross Platform” content management.

Addressing the demand for content anywhere anytime on any device exceeds the capabilities of traditional automation. VDS Cross Platform Automation extends the capabilities of existing automation to address this demand with user defined workflows that maximize the capability of your current infrastructure, minimize obsolescence and deliver an unmatched return of investment to you, your clients and their viewers.