Graphics Tools
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Quantel users can use over 1,000 state-of-the-art visual effects and imaging plug-ins, created by the top developers in the industry and enabled by VDS Synapse. Plug-ins can be applied to QEdit, QEffects, and QUtility on all Pablo’s iQ’s, eQ’s, Painboxes and sQEdit Plus SD / HD, sQEdit w/ Effects. In addition, VDS ReQuest file import/export plug-in adds native support for a number of image file formats, including Photoshop PSD.
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Graphics Tools

VDS Synapse - Quantel Plug-in engine and a very wide range of VDS Neuron Bundles, individual or comprehensive Plug-ins for the Quantel platform.

Primatte V5, the latest version of the popular Primatte Keyer.

Imagica O-gi, a collection of four image augmenting filters for Quantel systems extend the graphic capabilities even further.
VDS Twister is a complete high-definition paint, graphics, content creation, and workflow solution for Broadcasters.

VDS Liberty - mature paint and animation software at at great new low price.