Multichannel NOC
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Multichannel facilities and Network Operations Centers are expanding to meet the demand of existing and new content providers. This expansion includes new services for Hosted Origination and Central Casting with cross platform content distribution.
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Multichannel NOC

Today, content distribution and media delivery is all about tailoring the outbound product for immediate consumption, across every platform.  Graphics play a key role as the most effective way to brand content and derive new revenue from existing programs.  Fully automated revenue producing events that inform the consumer and extend the reach of advertisers and sponsors are a must have in multi-channel, Multi-Platform distribution.

VDS has a suite of solutions to streamline the entire graphics process. Our products are tightly coupled with the existing Automation, Traffic, and the on-air graphic system, virtually bridging the processes from client services to on-air operations.  VDS solutions give you the tools to extend the capabilities of your existing automation system and branding devices. 

Stay competitive, provide more services with less effort and enable new processes and technologies with VDS solutions for Efficient and Flexible Workflows.

From a single channel to more than 50, seamless graphics automation is possible with VDS solutions: Reliable, flexible, scalable and open to new technologies and workflows.